Never my enemy

never my enenmy
Massage op locatie

Written by Johann Legendre

I see beauty in people! My mission, my soul's purpose, is to show this beauty to those who forgot to see it in themselves. I want to help lessen the self-inflicted pain due to doubts and fears. You already have everything you need inside you, but just need to see it, really see it.

This time, I wanted to bring  my words to you in image and sound.

Originally, this poem was meant for people in a burn-out or having gone through one, but I realized later on that it was much more than that. This is a message of love and hope for everybody.

The wrong  question to ask yourself is if you have value for this world. Doubting  your own worth is the first thought at hand when things are crumbling around. It is probably the easy way to go to explain what goes wrong in your life, but it is not the constructive way.

The right question is to ask yourself is if you open yourself enough for the possibility that you are indeed incredibly worthy.



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